What our young people say

“it helped me feel better about myself and the breathing exercises were good to help me calm down

“I was having severe panic attacks and feeling like the ground was going to swallow me up if I made any wrong move. The tactical breathing techniques helped me so much, I use this to avoid a panic attack coming. The help I got will last a lifetime

“Claire taught me to trust people and let people in and not to be afraid of the past and to be optimistic. Take every opportunity you can and say yes.

Live forever

” The sessions were flexible, relaxed and tailored to my needs. I benefited from learning skills and techniques which allowed me to practice for myself and reflect on what worked before my next session”   

I struggled with self-confidence and eating disorder. The Calm Chameleon helped me overcome this and made me realise how special my body is and how I should be confident in my own skin. With only a few sessions in, I realised that I had a voice and that people need to hear it….

I cannot change the past; however, I manipulate my future and get to what the crux of who I really am

“Having Donna to help me was good because she made everything very fun and she was very clear about the work we did.

Donna helped me with what I needed to do … She helped me with my anger and with speaking to people about how I feel and about what I want.

I give Donna 5 stars out of 5 stars.

What our parents say

“Sessions were always well prepared and tailored to my daughter’s specific needs. The support changed my daughter’s life. She still struggles at times but she has skills to manage which is invaluable”

“I contacted The Calm Chameleon because I knew the workers had good reputations … I was so glad I could access their help at the time he needed it. I am so pleased I did as not only did Donna help *** significantly, but she helped reassure me and advise me on numerous occasions.

I am a Social Worker myself though needed someone outwith the family to help … I like to say I ‘hand picked’ Donna she has been invaluable. Very professional, confidential, friendly and experienced team.

Cannot thank you enough!”

” It gave my son someone else to talk to and work through things from a different viewpoint. We were very protective. By listening to the advice we were able to reflect on our parenting which, in turn, helped him

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